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What are the benefits of practicing BJJ? 2017-07-29T16:19:29+00:00

It’s inevitable that BJJ will improve your body, mind and soul. BJJ changes lives internally and externally. Weight loss, improved conditioning and flexibility gains are extremely common outcomes.

Is BJJ effective for self-defense? 2017-07-29T16:43:18+00:00

Brazilian jiu-jitsu has long established itself as one of the most effective forms of self-defense in the world. Our instructors have worked with top tier military units, police departments and professional mixed martial arts fighters in the world.

Do you have classes for children? 2018-01-30T17:33:20+00:00

Yes, we have two groups of kids Jiu-Jitsu classes. One class for kids aged 5-8 and another class for kids 9-15 years old. More information.

What do I wear to class? 2017-07-29T16:37:36+00:00

At Meraki we have men’s and women’s changing rooms where you can change into a traditional BJJ kimono or uniform which we have available for purchase.

Unless you have a prior ranking in BJJ, all students start as a white belt regardless of any background in other martial art systems. We do provide loaner kimonos for those trying a trial class.

What is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)? 2017-07-26T22:05:57+00:00

(From Wikipedia) “Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a martial art, combat sport system that focuses on grappling and especially ground fighting. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was formed from Kodokan judo ground fighting (newaza) fundamentals that were taught by a number of individuals including Takeo Yano, Mitsuyo Maeda, Soshihiro Satake.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu eventually came to be its own art through the experiments, practices, and adaptation of judo through Carlos and Helio Gracie (who passed their knowledge on to their extended family) as well as other instructors who were students of Maeda, such as Luiz Franca.

BJJ promotes the concept that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend against a bigger, stronger, heavier assailant by using proper technique, leverage, and most notably, taking the fight to the ground, and then applying joint locks and choke holds to defeat the opponent. BJJ training can be used for sport grappling tournaments and in self-defense situations.

Sparring (commonly referred to as rolling) and live drilling play a major role in training, and a premium is placed on performance, especially in competition, in relation to progress and ascension through its ranking system.

Since its inception in 1882, its parent art of judo was separated from older systems of Japanese jiu-jitsu by an important difference that was passed on to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: it is not solely a martial art, but it is also a sport; a method for promoting physical fitness and building character in young people; and, ultimately, a way (Do) of life.”

Is BJJ Safe? 2017-07-29T16:39:17+00:00

There is inherent risk in any type of physical activity and BJJ is no exception. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have an extra safe floor that was built by hand to ensure that our top of the line Fuji mats will protect our students the best way we can.

Meraki instructors are always watching students to make sure the space and training is as safe as possible.

Can I take a free class? 2017-07-29T16:04:23+00:00

We strongly encourage everyone who lives in the LA area to come and try a class out for free. Fill out this quick form or call us at 424.293.8133.

Do I need to be in shape to start BJJ? 2017-07-26T21:14:43+00:00

Many people falsely believe that they must be “in shape” first before they begin their journey into BJJ. The reality is no matter what kind of shape you’re in, BJJ training will always challenge the very idea of what “in shape” actually means. Only BJJ training will get you into shape for BJJ.

The instructor will be your guide in helping you with things like pacing, proper breathing and execution of technique.

How is Meraki BJJ different from other BJJ schools? 2017-07-26T22:02:42+00:00

Meraki is a word that modern Greeks often use to describe doing something with soul, creativity, or love — when you put “something of yourself” into what you’re doing, whatever it may be. We have taken this to heart with Meraki BJJ.

For students coming to us from other BJJ schools, the moment you enter Meraki BJJ, you’ll know we aren’t your typical BJJ or martial arts academy. At Meraki we believe in the power of the individual and the community to excel.

Our focus is to create a very positive mindset in the individual. We believe the instructors and students should create a supportive environment in which we can all grow and improve on and off the mat.

We put a lot of value on customer service, top notch instruction and a clean facility that inspires all that enter the space.

The facility offers beautiful changing rooms, bathrooms, showers, top of the line tatami mats and an equipment store. We encourage all potential members to visit us and check out the facility in person.

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