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Adult Programs – Meraki Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy, Los Angeles, Santa Monica CA
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At Meraki BJJ our world class instructors are focused on the development of each and every student. Our goal is to enable each student to thrive to their potential in a positive and safe environment.


Learning the fundamentals of Brazilian jiu-jitsu is the most important aspect of the art. Beginners will learn the essential movements of the art in addition to all the primary defensive and attacking positions. The instructors will be overseeing the practice to ensure that students are performing them properly and will be available for any questions.

As you work through the BJJ Fundamentals program, you develop an awareness of what to do (and not do). After you have have graduated to the rank of blue belt, you can partake in the advanced classes.

Students will learn about basic BJJ theory, gripping, control, escapes, attacks and the proper mindset needed to advance to the next level. Each class will begin with a specialized warm-up of breathing as well essential movements and exercises that will aid the student in their development as a BJJ practitioner.

After the warm-up, the instructor will begin teaching technique where the students will practice the various techniques of the day. In the last 10 to 15 minutes, students perform live positional training in a controlled environment, focusing on the techniques taught by the instructor.


These classes are for practitioners who hold the rank of blue belt or above. In the Advanced BJJ classes the students will learn the finer details of the many positions of the art.

Students will learn advanced BJJ theory, attacking combinations, escapes, counters and all the latest techniques of the modern jiu-jitsu game. After the positions are studied with a partner, live jiu-jitsu sparring will follow for the second half of the class.


These classes are for practitioners who hold the rank of blue belt or above. Advanced concepts, positions, attacks, defense, submissions and combination work without the traditional BJJ uniform are explored.

Classes involve learning through drills, technique refinement and grappling sparring.

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